Hey, name's Elena Fisher and I'm just your everyday journalist, with some exceptions here and there.If I'm not researching something, I'm either running for my life or punching Nate Quite a life, eh?.

(This is an Uncharted RP blog)

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Sully’s mustache started to itch uncontrollably. Experience had taught him to steer clear of whatever caused this sort of involuntary reaction, it always meant trouble. He understood Nate’s line of thinking, but he really didn’t want to…

Elena looked at Chloe as she approached Nate. “Wait, you’re not thinking of leaving me and Sully behind, are you?” She hated that. Everytime she was around, they always leave her behind. “I’m coming with you. Yes, because I want to see the reason why this all started. Is it even worth anything…?”

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ooc: finally have internet back

Did I miss anything important?

Want to keep up with the group Dx

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ooc: trying to get my internet fixed! Dang it!

It seems everyone’s internet is acting like crap, eh? O.O

If i don’t get around much, it’s because of that.

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What is that about? I’m not stepping on your toes, Sunshine.

I’m not even in the mood to answer you right now, Buttocks.

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Oh, great.
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Why are you so defensive?!

I’m not being defensive! You’re the one who…who…

Who’s jealous!

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What the hell is that suppose to mean?

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  1. …..Professional then?

Yes. Professional, Nate.

  1. Elena, love. Keep him guessing. Watch how jealous he gets…it’s quite adorable.

Oh, Chloe.

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Not at all - I know you’re into that rough stuff but You’ve no idea.

That’s somewhat of an insult.

Would you rather me go into more depth?

Oh Christ, just get a room you two.

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